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"This is the best school I signed up little over 2 months ago not knowing anything about driving trucks an I just got my class A already. Kevin and Andy are excellent instructors very patient an knowledgeable I highly recommend this school I loved it"

Guillermo Gonzalez


"Hands down the best school for trying to get your Class A. The instructors are super patient and are happy to answer all questions. I would be happy to recommend any friends/family to them if they are trying for their CDL. Genuine and good people here."

Lucas Ford


This school is very professional the Instructors are really there to help you pass your test I passed on my first try and I’m glad to say I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the guys at the yard doing there job this is a definitely a absolutely good school if you looking to get your CDL

Dashawn Williams


"We are so happy we chose CDL of California trucking school. The instructors are the best! We finished in about 5 weeks and are so grateful to Kevin and Andy both. We couldn’t have done it without their knowledge and patience. We would definitely recommend them above any other school. It was the best pricing and we got unlimited driving time and hours. Thanks CDL of California for helping us succeed!"

Kristine Roush


"This is a Great School especially for the price. I had Awesome experience and made new friends, they had a lot of patience with me. it's great to see that little extra effort in people especially the instructors, Kevin those steps you gave me were key! "trust in the steps" I 100% recommend this school if you're looking to get your CDL license fast, but that depends on your effort, you won't regret it!"

Jorge Perez


Great instructor & school you just have to be willing to 👂 LISTEN.
Kevin knows what he’s talking about. Will get you out of school ASAP, just depends on you develop tho & how consistent you stay with your training & studying.

Dominic Wilcoxen


"Nothing to complain about this school! The instructors are great and very patient if your new on learning everything About a Class A vehicle. I truly believe this is a great school to be tough how to drive for your first time because the instructors are really patient."

Martin Urieta


School was awesome Glad to be a part of the school pass my test yesterday Kevin the instructor respectful kind. Takes his time with you and prepares you for your next journey in life.... I recommend this school to the fullest five stars unlimited classes and time Thank you for my new career Kevin.. I want to give a big shout out to Henry Thank you I appreciate it Henry Hope to see you guys soon got to meet a lot of good friends and people...

Carey Zabala


"They there for u ever day and don't stop till u get that class a im send everybody I know there great school"

Tyrell Lipscomb

Extremely good school! It is a smaller school so you will get a lot of hands on time and also unlimited number of hours as long as the sun is up. Andy and Kevin are extremely knowledgeable and patient when helping you learn a new maneuver or a new pre trip inspection section. Awesome school can not recommend this school enough, they will teach you everything you need to pass you don’t need to know practically anything just get your permit or they can help you get your permit. You are also able to go at your own pace and do not have to worry about being at the same level as everyone else, you can take your time and move up as long as you feel ready especially for the driving portion because it can be a little scary, but you learn to be pretty comfortable behind the wheel. They only use manual transmission trucks so that you will not have any restrictions on your license, you do not need to know how to drive a manual truck you will learn all the skills you need there as long as your are persistent and put in the hours you can go from knowing nothing to passing your cdl test in about 4 to 6 weeks. I can not even drive a manual car and now I'm certified to drive a manual semi truck. This place is awesome you will not regret it I promise. Thanks again to the awesome instructors Andy and Kevin who helped me through every step of the way when I doubted myself.

Alejandro Gaspar

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