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Here at Commercial Drivers License of California we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. Our trainees always feel confident going to the DMV appointments, the instructors are dedicated to helping every trainee get their Class A/ Class B License. The training can begin as soon as you get your Class A/B Learners Permit. Scroll below to view our training packages, and give us a call with any questions at (909)676-7724. Payment plans are offered!


Permit Required

Class A 

With a contract of one month our simple training is meant for trainees that learn at a quicker capacity. During the day each trainee will be allowed unlimited hours of training per day. After the training is completed there will be two available visits to the DMV with our equipment.

Total Cost: $2,500

Class B 

With a contract of three weeks our simple training for Class B drivers is a faster passed training with all the necessary materials needed in order to pass on the first try. Each trainee will be allowed 4 hours of training per day and 2 visit to the DMV after the training is completed.

Total Cost: $2,000


Common Deal

Class A 

The standard training allows unlimited hours of training per day for up to two and a half months, (10 weeks). With three appointments allowed per trainee we will provide the same equipment the training was conducted in. There is also 2 extra weeks at no additional cost for trainees that need to obtain their permit.

Total Cost: $3,500

Class B

For trainees in Class B training the standard training comes with unlimited hours of training for one month and a half (6 weeks). There will be three appointments provided to the DMV with the same equipment. The test questions and answers will also be provided if needed to obtaining the Learners Permit. 

Total Cost: $2,500


Most recommended

Class A 

Our Premium Training offers unlimited hours to all our students and are able to come everyday. Our contract is valid for six months, and as soon as you are ready we will get you an appointment. We will take you up to three times to your DMV appointment and the equipment will be provided to you.

Total Cost: $4,500


Continue your Progress

If you have experience in reversing a semi truck with a trailer this is where you want to be. In order to establish training requirements we do an in yard test to determine what level you are at. We will take you to the DMV for the same amount of times that you have on your permit.


Complete the Requirements

We offer an online theory program as soon as you sign up with us. We will provide all the information necessary in order to complete the ELDT requirements.

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